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Welcome to Eden Falls, Washington,

where smiles are frequent and a helping hand is always near.

Best-selling author Colton McCreed flies into remote but charming Eden Falls for the summer to study small town life for his next horrific murder mystery. As his research pulls him into the community, his life becomes entwined with Mayor Alex Blackwood and her exuberant son. Colton’s bitter past left him believing he’s immune to love, but he soon finds himself drawn to Alex and her happy-go-lucky kid.

Alex Blackwood is not only the mayor of Eden Falls, she’s a business owner, the mother of six-year-old Charlie, and a widow. While love for her son fills her soul, the crushing reality of the death of her husband, who was killed while serving his country, is always near. As she struggles to find balance between her busy life and the challenge of raising a young son on her own, dating someone who’s leaving at the end of summer runs dead last on her to-do list.

Charlie’s impromptu invitations to dinner throw Colton and Alex into a world of discovery, shattering her image of Mr. Right and his belief forever happiness is out of reach.

Colton must move past his fear of attachment or risk losing his opportunity at love.

Welcome to Eden Falls, Washington,

where small town charm mingles with the demands of daily life.

Misty Garrett has a husband, a lovely Seattle home, and a new baby. Living what seems the perfect live brings little happiness when her heart is mired in past anger and sorrow. Misty’s own mother abandoned her when she was six, which she blamed on a passive father and small town life. When she learns her mother lives in Sacramento, she leaves Eden Falls in search of the love she’s longed for since childhood. Once there, she deals with the harsh realities of her mother’s true character, while seeing too much of herself in her mother’s actions.

Beam Garrett never imagined himself as a father, but now that he is, he’ll do anything to protect his daughter. Left by a wife who has followed in her mother’s errant footsteps, he gives up city life to return to Eden Falls and the support of his family. Beam makes a fresh start when he accepts a partnership in his father-in-law’s local hardware store.

Tragedy strikes, bringing Misty back to Eden Falls and her family. To stay, she must move beyond her past or risk losing a chance for real love.

Welcome to Eden Falls, Washington,

where newcomers are welcome and second chances are possible.

Searching for a new life…

Carolyn West is on the run from her abusive husband. Finally settling-in—and hiding out—in the small town where she grew up, she hopes to find a fresh start in the safety of familiar territory. What she never expected to find, was her childhood crush as Chief of Police and looking better than he had a right to. When strange things start happening outside and then inside her home, Carolyn realizes she’s going to be seeing a lot of officer Garrett…

Finding a new love…

JT Garrett loves small town life—although it does have its drawbacks. Sick of dating, he’s almost given up on finding the right woman…until Carolyn moves back to Eden Falls. But Carolyn isn’t the same girl who left town years ago. She’s hiding something. Strange break-ins at her home along with her reaction every time JT touches her tells him more than words ever could. She’s been hurt and the pain goes beyond just a broken heart…

Can JT protect Carolyn from her past…or does her future hold more danger?